Management of Violence & Aggression in the Workplace

This course is aimed at Employers, Managers and others who have a responsibility for staff in which their role places them at risk of Workplace Violence and Aggression.

Course Contents:

• Health & Safety (H&S) employer and employees legal responsibilities
• H&S views on Violence & Aggression in the workplace
• The importance of sharing of information on risk
• To raise awareness of the meaning of the terms Work place Violence and Aggression
• Define the terms ‘violence and aggression’
• How an incident can affect the individual
• To raise awareness of the importance of recording, reporting incidents of violence and aggression.
• Look at recording & reporting procedures

Managing Risk

• How we minimise it
• How we manage it
• How we learn from it

Following an incident
• Immediately
• As soon as possible
• Later down the line

Legal Responsibility (liability)
• Health & Safety legislation
• Assault & battery
• Duty of Care
• Self defence

• Importance of debriefing
• Debriefings process