Realistic Scenario Based Training

We understand a lot of professionals do not enjoy role play or scenario-based training. However, the major factor in the success of our Emergency Services and Armed forces is their intense training and practice in very realistic environments this allows them to react in a professional way when confronted with very challenging/difficult situations. A common feedback we receive from participants is: “We forget it was training as soon as we knocked on the door.”

The aim of the course is to assist staff in developing their skills in self-awareness by observing how they would react when faced with difficult, challenging or dangerous situations i.e. body language, facial expressions, voice tone, wording used and our general behaviour when under pressure. This will enable participants to develop their script, ‘if this was to happen, this is how I would respond and manage the situation.’
Staff will get the opportunity to practice their observation skills, assertiveness, questioning and defusing techniques in a in a very realistic training environment.


“Without question this has been one of, if not the best planned, delivered and useful Training events I have attended in the last 10 years since qualifying.
The fact that the practical elements of the day were in combination with video analysis, discussion about the scenarios and the debrief training made this a well rounded, rich Learning experience and nothing felt over looked or missed out as each part of the day linked to the other parts and deepened the learning experience. Having the opportunity to work with colleagues that i have not worked with before just added to the experience and it also provided another learning opportunity to explore mine and others practice and critically evaluate practice in a dynamic and fluid learning environment”
Occupational Therapist

“This course is amazing, challenging but amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience that was somewhat awkward at times.
The course shows you how you cope in highly stressful/challenging situations which leads very well to reflection. This self awareness is essential for adopting good practice. I learned to be more observant of environment, I missed the knife! I will ask for a more structured de-brief following difficult situations”
Social Worker

“I liked that it wasn’t just standard role play and that we were able to go to a house which was made very realistic, with the actors making the whole scenario feel so real. I actually felt a little bit taken back by how real it felt and it made me be able to self-reflect on what I would actually feel and behave like if I encountered that behaviour at any point in my career. Hearing from the actors how they felt from the way we behaved as professionals towards them was interesting to know as they were able to make you reflect on the situation, giving pointers of what you did well and what you could have done better.

As I am a student social worker, this training is valuable as I have not really encountered difficult situations which were as heated as what I seen on the training. The skills I have learnt from the training can be taken forward into my next placement and further into my chosen career. It made me evaluate my role as a social worker and emphasised how important it is to maintain personal safety. The course made me realise that although at times we have a job to do, there will be times where our personal safety is in danger and it may be necessary to have assistance from the police or other agencies, but doing two visits gave me the skills to reflect and think what I would have done differently with regards to who I would have attended with and that sometimes some things are just out of our depth as practitioners. It made me think about things I would never think of such as; where to sit when entering a house, not to carry big bags and to be observant when you’re on visits and to try and remain calm and focused on the reason why your there” Student Social Worker