Breakaway Techniques and Fending off Training

Realism Training strongly recommends that attendees have previously completed our Personal Safety Awareness Training (Keeping Safe) before attending our Breakaway Training.

Techniques taught do not use pain to work.

Wrist grabs from standing, sitting including face to face across a table/desk, also when doing personal care etc. ➢Single over handed wrist grab ➢ Single under hand wrist grab ➢ Single side on wrist grab ➢ Double handed wrist grab on one wrist ➢ Both wrists grabbed (1 on 1)

Hair grab protection and breakaway: ➢ Front ➢ Side ➢ Rear

Clothing Grab protection and breakaway:
➢ Front

Strangulation breakaway:
➢ Front ➢ Front against a wall ➢ Front on the floor (attacker on top) ➢ Rear (forearm across the neck)

Fending off striking/hitting and slapping attack:
➢ Stood in close proximity attack ➢ Moving towards you to strike out attack

During the day staff will have the opportunity to discuss any scenarios or situations they feel they may come across while carrying out their roles. Please note: this course does contain light physical exercise; participants will need to be physically able and free from any medical conditions which could be exasperated by this training. A medical form will need to be completed by all participants prior to starting the course. Staff will need to dress appropriately including footwear for exercises and clothing